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Firefox Addons - 2022 Edition

My list of must-have Firefox addons - 2022 edition

Privacy and Security

uBlock Origin

Probably the single most important addon.

  1. Enable and update all built-int filter lists except for ‘Regions’ and ‘Languages’.
  2. Under ‘Trusted Sites’ add your local IP range (e.g. and local hostnames if you run any local web servers (e.g. https://my-home-server.local
  3. Enable ‘Cloud Storage’ (if you use Firefox sync) and upload your config tabs.

Quality of Life Improvements

For AWS Users

Other Configuration


  • mousewheel.with_meta.action: 0 - Disable scroll zooming
  • extensions.pocket.enabled: false- Disable Pocket
  • dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled: false - Don’t allow websites to prevent copy and paste, stop webpage knowing which part of the page had been selected.

uBlock Origin Rules

Add the following to “My Filters”

# Remove tracking tokens

! block pinterest rubbish on google

! Block pinterest rubbish on ddg
duckduckgo.*##.results > div:has(a[href*=".pinterest.com"])