Building a high performance SSD SAN - Part 1

Over the coming month I will be architecting, building and testing a modular, high performance SSD-only storage solution.

I’ll be documenting my progress / findings along the way and open sourcing all the information as a public guide.

With recent price drops and durability...

Sam McLeod in Tech

XenServer, SSDs & VM Storage Performance


At Infoxchange we use XenServer as our Virtualisation of choice. There are many reasons for this including:

  • Open Source.
  • Offers greater performance than VMware.
  • Affordability (it’s free unless you purchase support).
  • Proven backend Xen is very reliable.
  • Reliable cross-host migrations of VMs.
  • The XenCentre client,...

    Sam McLeod in Tech

The Best Of - 2014 Edition

At the end of every year I note down a summary of the best applications, hardware & websites I’ve enjoyed & depended on throughout the year (and often for some time before).

Software / General Use:

  • Fastmail -
  • Evernote -
  • Reeder -
  • Keynote...

    Sam McLeod in Tech