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XenServer, SSDs & VM Storage Performance

IntroAt Infoxchange we use XenServer as our Virtualisation of choice. There are many reasons for this including: Open Source. Offers greater performance than VMware. Affordability (it’s free unless you purchase support). Proven backend Xen is very reliable. Reliable cross-host migrations of VMs. The XenCentre client, (although having to run in a Windows VM) is quick and simple to use. Upgrades and patches have proven to be more reliable than VMware. OpenStack while interesting, is not yet reliable or streamlined enough for our small team of 4 to implement and manage. XenServer Storage & Filesystems Unfortunately the downside to XenServer is that it’s underlying OS is quite old.

BMW E36 328i Manual Conversion Programming

Reprogram BMW after doing Automatic to Manual ConversionBased on my E36 328is experience, written in 2010. AssumptionsThis guide assumes the following: You have programmed a BMW ECU/DME before using DIS or similar. You are taking all the necessary safety precautions. (Fully charged battery etc…) You have DIS working (We used EasyDIS 1.0, Base 44) You have Ediabas (INPA, NCS Expert, IFH Serve) installed and working. You’re able to read between the lines of our crappy document, some steps may differ slightly and our wording may be somewhat imprecise. Data GatheringMake notes of the following: Your Basic Control Unit part number.