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Continuous integration for the Linux Kernel - Built within Docker

Linux Kernel CI for Debian Github: sammcj/kernel-ci Those of us using technologies such as Docker and BTRFS or simply trying to gain a performance edge on the competition have a lot to gain from the features and performance of recent Kernel updates (especially from 3.18 onwards). ‘Enterprise’ Linux distributions such as RHEL & variants are concerningly out of date when comes to the Kernel. Many people seem to have forgotten what Linux is… Linux IS the Kernel. Someone said to me recently ‘Why do I need a more modern Kernel? - It never gives us problems!’ later in the conversation they alluded to a number of performance issues they were experiencing with both a database platform and with some modern containerised applications they were trying to run.

Xen Orchestra Docker Image

Docker config to setup XO which is a web interface to visualize and administrate your XenServer (or XAPI enabled) hosts Github: sammcj/docker-xen-orchestra Running the appUpdates are pushed to the Docker Hub’s automated build service: https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/sammcj/docker-xen-orchestra From Docker Hubdocker pull sammcj/docker-xen-orchestra docker run -d -p 8000:80 sammcj/docker-xen-orchestra Buildinggit clone https://github.com/sammcj/docker-xen-orchestra.git cd docker-xen-orchestra # Edit whatever config you want to change docker build -t xen-orchestra . See https://xen-orchestra.com for information on Xen Orchestra

Delete Government-Linked Certificate Authorities in OSX

Inspired by http://zitseng.com/archives/7489 Source (Github) WARNINGS Do not run unless you understand what this is doing The CA system is broken by design - This is not a fix for that This is merely a band-aid for those interested or concerned about these root CAs Usagechmod +x delete_gov_roots.sh ./delete_gov_roots.sh You’ll be prompted for your password as root access is required to delete system-wide root certs. See Also http://convergence.io https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/certificate-patrol/ https://github.com/kirei/catt https://www.eff.org/observatory https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=478418 http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202858 https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Certificate_and_Public_Key_Pinning

Building a high performance SSD SAN - Part 1

Over the coming month I will be architecting, building and testing a modular, high performance SSD-only storage solution. I’ll be documenting my progress / findings along the way and open sourcing all the information as a public guide. With recent price drops and durability improvements in solid state storage now is better time than any to ditch those old magnets. Modular server manufacturers such as SuperMicro have spent large on R&D thanks to the ever growing requirements from cloud vendors that utilise their hardware. The State Of Enterprise StorageCompanies often settle for off-the-shelf large name storage products from companies based on several, often misguided assumptions:

Direct-Attach SSD Storage - Performance & Comparisons

Further to my earlier post on XenServer storage performance with regards to directly attaching storage from the host, I have been analysing the performance of various SSD storage options. I have attached a HP DS2220sb storage blade to an existing server blade and compared performance with 4 and 6 SSD RAID-10 to our existing iSCSI SANs. While the P420i RAID controller in the DS2220sb is clearly saturated and unable to provide throughput much over 1,100MB/s - the IOP/s available to PostgreSQL are still a very considerably performance improvement over our P4530 SAN - in fact, 6 SSD’s result in a 39.

The Best Of - 2014 Edition

At the end of every year I note down a summary of the best applications, hardware & websites I’ve enjoyed & depended on throughout the year (and often for some time before). Info This post has long since been superseded. You can find the latest version of this post here. Software / General Use Fastmail - https://www.fastmail.com Evernote - https://evernote.com Reeder - http://reederapp.com Keynote - https://www.apple.com/au/mac/keynote Lastpass - https://lastpass.com Plex - https://plex.tv Calibre - http://calibre-ebook.com Software / Geek Use Sublime Text - http://www.sublimetext.com/3 Homebrew - http://brew.sh DropSync - http://mudflatsoftware.com Beets - http://beets.radbox.org Textual - http://www.codeux.com/textual XLD - http://tmkk.undo.jp/xld/index_e.html Code Academy - http://www.

XenServer, SSDs & VM Storage Performance

IntroAt Infoxchange we use XenServer as our Virtualisation of choice. There are many reasons for this including: Open Source. Offers greater performance than VMware. Affordability (it’s free unless you purchase support). Proven backend Xen is very reliable. Reliable cross-host migrations of VMs. The XenCentre client, (although having to run in a Windows VM) is quick and simple to use. Upgrades and patches have proven to be more reliable than VMware. OpenStack while interesting, is not yet reliable or streamlined enough for our small team of 4 to implement and manage. XenServer Storage & Filesystems Unfortunately the downside to XenServer is that it’s underlying OS is quite old.

BMW E36 328i Manual Conversion Programming

Reprogram BMW after doing Automatic to Manual ConversionBased on my E36 328is experience, written in 2010. AssumptionsThis guide assumes the following: You have programmed a BMW ECU/DME before using DIS or similar. You are taking all the necessary safety precautions. (Fully charged battery etc…) You have DIS working (We used EasyDIS 1.0, Base 44) You have Ediabas (INPA, NCS Expert, IFH Serve) installed and working. You’re able to read between the lines of our crappy document, some steps may differ slightly and our wording may be somewhat imprecise. Data GatheringMake notes of the following: Your Basic Control Unit part number.