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Update Delayed Serial STONITH Design

note: This is a follow up post from 2015-07-21-rcd-stonith A Linux Cluster Base STONITH provider for use with modern Pacemaker clustersThis has since been accepted and merged into Fedora’s code base and as such will make it’s way to RHEL. Source Code: Github Diptrace CAD Design: Github I have open sourced the CAD circuit design and made this available within this repo under CAD Design and Schematics Related RedHat Bug: https://bugzilla.

Monitoring SystemD Units With Nagios

Ever forgotten to add a critical service to monitoring? Want to know if a service or process fails without explicitly monitoring every service on a host? …Then why not use SystemD’s existing knowledge of all the enabled services? Thanks to ‘Kbyte’ who made a simple Nagios plugin to do just this!

Online Conversion from SQL_ASCII to UTF8 in PostgreSQL

Scripts and source available here: sql_ascii_to_utf8 The GoalTo be able to take a Postgres Database which is in SQL_ASCII encoding, and import it into a UTF8 encoded database. Requirements: Python3 (For RHEL/CentOS 7 yum install python34) python-nagiosplugin My pre-built RPMs or pip3 install nagiosplugin PyNagSystemD The ProblemPostreSQL will generate errors like this if it encounters any non-UTF8 byte-sequences during a database restore:

Speeding Up rsync

The most common way to use rsync is probably as such: rsync -avr user@<source>:<source_dir> <dest_dir> Resulting in 30-35MB/s depending on file sizes This can be improved by using a more efficient, less secure encryption algorithm, disabling compression and telling the SSH client to disable some unneeded features that slow things down.

Benchmarking IO with FIO

This is a quick tldr there are many other situations and options you could consider FIO man page IOP/s = Input or Output operations per second Throughput = How many MB/s can you read/write continuously Variables worth tuning based on your situation --iodepth The iodepth is very dependant on your hardware.

Mirroring a Gitlab project to Github

Let’s pretend you have a project on Gitlab called ask-izzy and you want to mirror it up to Gitlab which is located at https://github.com/ask-izzy/ask-izzy Assuming you’re running Gitlab as the default user of git and that your repositories are stored in /mnt/repositories you can following something similar to the following instructions:


Today we launched a mobile website for homeless people … and it was launched by one of Australia’s many recent Prime Ministers Today alone we served up over 87,000 requestsAs many of you know, I work with Infoxchange as the operations lead. When I first heard the idea of a website or app for people that have found or are worried about finding themselves homeless in Australia I really didn’t think it made sense - until I saw the stats showing how many homeless people in Australia have regular access to a smart phone and data either via a cellular provider or free WiFi.

Fix XenServer SR with corrupt or invalid metadata

If a disk / VDI is orphaned or only partially deleted you’ll notice that under the SR it’s not assigned to any VM. This can cause issues that look like metadata corruption resulting in the inability to migrate VMs or edit storage. For example: [root@xenserver-host ~]# xe vdi-destroy uuid=6c2cd848-ac0e-441c-9cd6-9865fca7fe8b Error code: SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_181 Error parameters: , Error in Metadata volume operation for SR.

iSCSI SCSI-ID / Serial Persistence

“Having a SCSI ID is a f*cking idiotic thing to do.” - Linus Torvalds …and after the amount of time I’ve wasted getting XenServer to play nicely with LIO iSCSI failover I tend to agree. The Problem One oddity of Xen / XenServer’s storage subsystem is that it identifies iSCSI storage repositories via a calculated SCSI ID rather than the iSCSI Serial - which would be the sane thing to do.

Replacing Junos Pulse with OpenConnect

In an attempt to avoid using the Juniper Pulse (Now Pulse Secure) VPN client we tried OpenConnect but found that DNS did not work correctly when connected to the VPN. This bug has now been resolved recently but has not made it’s way into a new build, in fact there have been no releases for 6 months.