Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Last weekend I had a chance encounter with a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the owner kindly let me jump in and take a few photos. Specs 6.3L v12 544 KW (740 Horsepower) 690 Nm at 6000RPM 1525 kg 0-100 in 3.1s 0-200 in 8.5s Maximum speed: ‘over 340 km/h’ Was ‘The fastest road car Ferrari ever built’ Photos

November 8, 2020 · 1 min · 58 words · Sam McLeod

BMW E36 328i Manual Conversion Programming

Reprogram BMW after doing Automatic to Manual Conversion Based on my E36 328is experience, written in 2010. Assumptions This guide assumes the following: You have programmed a BMW ECU/DME before using DIS or similar. You are taking all the necessary safety precautions. (Fully charged battery etc…) You have DIS working (We used EasyDIS 1.0, Base 44) You have Ediabas (INPA, NCS Expert, IFH Serve) installed and working. You’re able to read between the lines of our crappy document, some steps may differ slightly and our wording may be somewhat imprecise....

June 10, 2010 · 6 min · 1081 words · Sam McLeod