Don't buy into the myth of group brainstorming

Numerous research shows that group “Brainstorming” isn’t just ineffective - it has a negative correlation with quality, produces less results and reinforces biases.

Studies have shown the negative effects to be especially apparent in person (as opposed to remote/online).

By contrast “Brainstorming” alone / asynchronously produces higher quality results, surprisingly - with less biases.

The group dynamic of brainstorming is a “social trap” - where the group is incentivised to agree with each other, rather than produce the best ideas.

Research finds that the same individuals that tend to dominate conversations and over-value their own ideas commonly hold positions of power such as roles within management.

To me, this mirrors my observations on the managers that (still) insist on forcing others to work from company offices on the grounds of it being better for “collaboration”.

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