Over the past month I’ve been playing with OpenAI’s DALL·E 2, below are some of the interesting images I’ve generated.

DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

“A renaissance oil painting of two developers arguing over which javascript framework is the worst”

“A Ralph Steadman painting of 7 cats sitting on a fence, and one raven”

“A poster of Bruce Lee posing in front of a wall painted with traditional Japanese dragon artwork”

“An Art Nouveau painting of Batman outside a church”

“Old man yells at cloud”

Variations on “A romantic oil painting of a chicken wearing beats by dre and smoking a cigarette”

“A Romantic oil painting of a chicken wearing ripped jeans, aviator sunglasses, smoking a cigarette leaning up against a wall”

“A romantic painting of snoop dog and a cool chicken wearing ripped jeans and aviators standing in a recording booth rapping into a microphone”

“A dutch masters style oil painting of the rapper snoop dogg rapping into a microphone along side a cool looking animal wearing ripped jeans”

“An oil painting of the rapper snoop dogg as a marvel super hero whose super power is smoking”

“A romantic style oil painting of the rapper snoop dogg as a marvel super hero whose super power is smoking”

“A detailed psychedelic painting of a person listening to the band TOOL for the first time and having their third eye opened”

“A white Romantic Sculpture of the dude from the film the big lebowski”

“A dutch masters oil painting of a robot cat”

“A red Tesla model 3 crashed on the side of the road due to it’s poorly designed suspension”

“A kiwi walking over hot coals”

“A Ralph Steadman style ink painting of cats sitting on a fence smoking”

“Two chickens playing chess while smoking”

“Cats get dressed up to go to the theatre”

“A grumpy cat drinking black coffee and smoking a cigarette”

“A black and white cat and a boarder collie dog in the style of Grayson Perry”

“A lonely cat by a window in a Ralph Steadman style”

“A post-apocalyptic city at night ruled by cats”

“A border collie dog and black and white cat in the style of Gustav Klimt”

“DevOps hipsters deploy to the cloud”

“A psychedelic monkey smoking”

“Cats smoking cigars and playing poker”

“An elite hacker breaks into the computer mainframe, his eyes are red, his beard is long, he is in a dark room at his desk”

“Cats captaining space ships with lasers”

“Two lamas duelling with lightsabers at a disco”

“A dark, detailed oil painting of a post-apocalyptic city a night, two terminator cyborgs are patrolling the street”

“A photo of a beautiful British field in the summer, there are butterflys, birds and a small pond. There’s a vintage car driving far in the background.”

“A city from Bladerunner”

“Modern oil painting of four Meerkats tap dancing on a stage, one of them has a red top hat and a walking cane”

“Postman Pat in the style of H.R. Giger”

“A traditional oil painting of man down on his luck, he drinks coffee in a a cafe while it rains outside”

“A photo of a McDonald’s store designed by H.R. Giger”

“Three cool looking chickens drinking beer while skateboarding in the desert”

“A Dutch masters style oil painting of a racoon smoking a cigar and drinking sherry”

“An old oil painting of batman leaning on a model T ford”

“An oil painting of Batman playing his guitar at night”

“An old white man sits at home in his living room playing platstation, at his feet are his two dogs that are black and blond”

“A large tall man assembles a huge bookcase”

“An oil painting of an old dog wearing jeans sits on a red leather chair with a cat smoking a cigar and drinking wine”

“Man yells at toast”

“An armadillo turkey chimera”

“A man sitting on a couch who really loves pillows and chickens”

“A dog and cat smoking a pipe while listening to records”

“A fat cat eats a potato”

“An orange cut in half contains the entire universe both space and time”

“The pope driving a mini batmobile”

“A llama climbing mountains”

All images are purely comical works of art, any reference of external persons or brands is done so with artistic intent and not for profit.