Firefox Addons for 2022

My list of must-have Firefox addons - 2022 edition

Updated: 2022-11-07

Firstly - you should have Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection enabled.

Probably the single most important addon.

  1. Enable and update all built-int filter lists except for ‘Regions’ and ‘Languages’.
  2. Under ‘Trusted Sites’ add your local IP range (e.g. and local hostnames if you run any local web servers (e.g. https://my-home-server.local
  3. Enable ‘Cloud Storage’ (if you use Firefox sync) and upload your config tabs.
  • mousewheel.with_meta.action: 0 - Disable scroll zooming.
  • extensions.pocket.enabled: false- Disable Pocket.
  • dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled: false - Don’t allow websites to prevent copy and paste, stop webpage knowing which part of the page had been selected.

Add the following to “My Filters”

# Remove tracking tokens

! block pinterest rubbish on google

! Block pinterest rubbish on ddg
duckduckgo.*##.results > div:has(a[href*=""])


While I don’t have an issue with their browser extension by itself - I can no longer recommend the desktop / ‘application’ version 1Password as of version 8.

Since raising more capital 1Password has been chasing quick development of new features and have stopped native application development.

1Password 8 is unfortunately an Electron (Chrome) web-frame application. This has a lot of negative implications for security, performance and in itself is a statement of the direction that 1Password is taking moving forward.

So - what are the alternatives?

For a desktop and mobile application Strongbox is a leading contender, but lacks good browser integration.

They are actively working on an official Firefox addon which in beta which is currently in beta.

In the mean time as Strongbox uses the standard KeyPassX format you can use the KeePassXC-Browser addon to access your Strongbox database within Firefox.

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