Of all the tools for reading news and subscribing to software releases, I still find RSS the most useful.

I use Feedly to manage my rss subscriptions and keep all my devices in sync, but instead of using the Feedly’s own client, I use an app called Reeder as the client / reader itself.


RSS feed subscription management


  • Keyword alerts.
  • Browser plugins to subscribe to (current) url.
  • Notation and highlighting support (a bit like Evernote).
  • Search and filtering across large numbers of feeds / content.
  • IFTTT, Zapier, Buffer and Hootsuite integration.
  • Built in save / share functionality (that I only use when I’m on the website).
  • Backup feeds to Dropbox.
  • Very fast, regardless of the fact that I’m in Australia - which often impacts the performance of apps / sites that tend to be hosted on AWS in the US as the latency is so high.
  • Article de-duplication is currently being developed I believe, so I’m looking forward to that!
  • Easy manual import, export and backup (no vendor lock-in is important to me).
  • Public sharing of your Feedly feeds (we’re getting very meta here!).


A (really) beautiful and fast iOS / macOS client

  • The client apps aren’t cheap but damn they’re good quality, I much prefer them over the standard Feedly apps.
  • Obviously supports Feedly as a backend but there are many other source services you can use along side each other.
  • I save articles using Reeder’s clip to Evernote functionality… a lot.
  • Sensible default keyboard shortcuts (or at least for me they felt natural YMMV of course).
  • Good customisable ‘share with’ options.
  • Simple, well designed UX.
  • Easy manual import an export just like Feedly.