Update Delayed Serial STONITH Design

note: This is a follow up post from 2015-07-21-rcd-stonith

This has since been accepted and merged into Fedora’s code base and as such will make it’s way to RHEL.

The v2/v3 cables include the following improvements:

  • Have a connector on the outside of the server (that’s female side runs from the reset pin ‘hijacker’) so that cables can be easily disconnected.
  • Have a slightly improved circuit design.
  • Have long thumb-screws on the RS232 serial connector that not longer accidentally unscrew the female RS232 connector in the server (whoops!).


All the ‘Hijack’ cable is, is essentially a small M-F extension cable for the motherboard front-panel (buttons/LED) PINs with one change:

  • The two reset pins are ‘hijacked’ so you can add a connector to run out the back of the server a connection to the adjacent storage server’s rcd_serial connector.



Many thanks to:

  • OurPCB (Board fabrication).
  • Clusterlabs, Redhat and Fedora Teams, feedback and peer review.
  • John Sutton for his original design that served as inspiration.

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