Disable Firefox's zoom on mouse scroll

This annoys me endlessly, so in about:config:

mousewheel.with_control.action 0
mousewheel.with_meta.action 0

And if you use Firefox Sync and want those settings to sync between your devices also add:

services.sync.prefs.mousewheel.with_meta.action true
services.sync.prefs.sync.mousewheel.with_control.action true

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Broadcom, Or How I Learned To Start Worrying And Drop The Packet

Earlier this week we started the process to upgrade one of our hypervisor compute clusters when we encountered a rather painful bug with HP’s Broadcom NIC chipsets.

We were part way through a rutine rolling pool upgrade of our hypervisor (XenServer) cluster when we observed unexpected and intermittent...

Sam McLeod in Tech

Return Of The RSS

Of all the tools for reading news and subscribing to software releases, I still find RSS the most useful.

I use Feedly to manage my rss subscriptions and keep all my devices in sync, but instead of using the Feedly’s own client, I use an app called Reeder...

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